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  • frenchpress How To Make French Press Coffee (3/29/2016) by shawn - Transcription: How to brew french press coffee: Things you'll need: A french press - we suggest the Yama 6 cup to begin with. Freshly ground coffee - we're really digging the Kayu Peaberry light roast from Bar Nine. Hot Water - just off the boil. Mug Wooden spoon First start by measuring out your coffee beans sticking […]
  • drip coffee maker Why Your Drip Coffee Maker Sucks And What To Do About It (3/28/2016) by shawn - The Standard Drip Coffee Maker Have you seen one of these before? It's in most American homes and hotel rooms. And it's usually the last case scenario for satisfying your coffee fix. The standard automatic coffee dripper. Many people would rather wait in line and pay $5 for a latte than make coffee with one of these. […]
  • pourover How To Make Pour-over Coffee (3/24/2016) by shawn - Transcription: How to brew pour over coffee: Things you'll need: A kalita wave dripper White paper filters A kalita gooseneck kettle - for precise pouring A decanter Fresh whole bean coffee A grinder - like the Baratza Encore or Yama Manual grinder Hot Water just off the boil. Mug Start by boiling your water. Measure out […]
  • Coffee Machine You Need to Know About Coffee TDS: No It’s Not a Venereal Disease (3/10/2016) by shawn - In the coffee world, I hear the term "extracted" get thrown around a lot. “Under-extracted”, “over-extracted”. These are just snobby ways of saying weak coffee and strong coffee. So why use the fancy verbiage? The term extraction comes from chemistry. What people often don't think about is a chemical process happens when you combine ground coffee […]
  • Barista Competition Feature Image What coffee and underground rap have in common (3/8/2016) by shawn - Have you ever seen 8-mile? The movie where Eminem battle raps people and shows doubters that he has the skills to be the best. Did you have any idea that the same thing happens in the coffee world? The most recent brew-off went down at the Culver City coffee shop Bar Nine. I had the honor of […]